In search of the expression of terroir
Finding the maximum expression of each terroir impelled us to make a holistic approach to all the work both in the vineyard and in the winery; we have named this as Consciousness of Terroir, the passion that moves us to create unique and singular wines, which are the purest expression of the terroir, with absolute respect for the biodiversity of our environment.
This exclusive form of elaboration of Sabaté i Coca is translated in wines that have:
More richness, more variety
More nuances, more expression
More purity, more quality
And they have allowed us to discover unique and singular plots in our estate, which have given fruit to the most iconic products of the house.


40 Hectares - 18 plots - 66 plots
In the Sabaté i Coca estate, we have identified 18 different soil profiles (terroirs) that make up the different strata of each of the 66 plots that, micro-vinified separately, contribute their particular essence and uniqueness to each of Sabaté i Coca's products. Both for its geology and for its microclimate, it concentrates very particular characteristics that provide the vineyard with unique conditions. All our wines are made entirely on the property from organic grapes harvested by hand from traditional varieties and coming only from our plots.
Mapa vall


4 generations of winegrowers
Our history begins more than 135 years ago when our great-grandfather planted the estate named Terroja: a Xarel·lo vineyard in a unique place that has borne fruit in our most special wines. Ever since I was a child, I understood the value of this little treasure. Over the years, we have maintained our passion for the land and wine through four generations of winemakers, imprinting our own personality on unique wines, born, made and aged in this historic wine region. Today, with my brother Josep, we share the legacy of our great-grandfather and the tradition and love of this land received by our parents.
Marcel Sabaté i Coca - Oenologist


Passion for terroir
At the end of the 90s, Marcel Sabaté was a pioneer in the production of Terroir Wines in our house: it all started with an in-depth study of the different soils, which allowed us to identify 18 differential soils in our estate. Vall del Bitlles (Alt Penedès). Together with my brother Josep, we are the soul of Sabaté i Coca, a new generation that transmits the knowledge and tradition received by our parents and ancestors.



Natural balance, respecting biodiversity
Working plot by plot makes us aware of doing so with full respect for the biodiversity of our environment, seeking balance in all aspects. For this reason, the corporate insignia of Sabaté i Coca is the butterfly: the symbol that guides us in harmony and balance in everything we do. In addition, our circular viticulture makes the most of the waste we generate, minimal intervention in the vineyard only with organic products and performing biodynamic practices that benefit the longevity of the vineyard and the quality of the grapes.


Micro-vinifying of the 66 plots
In the winery, we micro-vinify each of the plots separately, looking for the most unique terroirs for Sabaté i Coca products or making blends in harmony with terroirs under the Castellroig brand.