Guarantee of origin and excellence throughout the process
CORPINNAT is the strictest sparkling wine regulations in the world, which we demand on ourselves and which fully fits with our Terroir Consciousness, guaranteeing:
Honesty: We only make our own 100% manual harvest and vinify on the property.
Respect for biodiversity: 100% of the grapes are certified organic (CCPAE) of indigenous varieties, practicing the principles of traditional biodynamics.
Traditional method and long aging: All our sparkling wines are made under the traditional method with a second fermentation in the bottle and have a minimum of 18 months of aging.
Origin: Our vineyards and winery are located in the Vall del Bitlles, al sud de Barcelona (historical territory cradle of great sparkling wines).
Rigor: compliance with Corpinnat processes and regulations is accredited by BUREAU VERITAS.